GE Lighting Janmar Lighting
Tacoma Art Museum Lighting Upgrade

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Project Highlight

Previous System
  • Used 621 theatrical-style fixtures
  • Predominantly 150-watt par 38 incandescent lamps
Lighting Retrofit
  • GE ConstantColor® CMH® 20-watt and
    39-watt ceramic metal halide lamps
    and ballasts
  • 505 Janmar 738 Series LM II vertical
    mini cylinder fixtures, with incandescent color filter, and 3" straight sided or 3"
    tapered snoot
  • 19% fewer fixtures installed in ceiling
  • 84.9% reduction in watts consumed (annually)
  • Reduced UV exposure by
    approximately 60%
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduced BTU heat load
  • Equivalent to removing the greenhouse gas emissions from 48 cars annually
  • $10,000 annual savings *
* Facilities that operate at a common rate of $.10kWh can save up to $33,235 annually.
"It's sort of like going from analog to digital. To my eye, it makes the art look crisper and clearer,"
Rock Hushka
Director of Curatorial Administration and Curator of
Contemporary and Northwest Art

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