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A better viewing experience and a better bottom line
GE Lighting and Janmar Lighting have teamed up to create exceptionally versatile and efficient lighting systems that will revolutionize the way museums display their collections. Museums will realize multiple benefits including:

  • More light from fewer fixtures for a cleaner appearance
  • Lower wattage per lamp, dramatically reducing energy use
  • UV levels lower than current standards
  • Longer operating life, for fewer costly lamp changes
  • Cooler operating temperatures, minimizing load on HVAC systems

Fixture comparison
  CMH® 20 Incandescent
System power consumed* 23w 150w
Burn hours per year 5000 5000
Energy costs (kWh) $0.10 $0.10
Annual energy consumption 115 kWh 750 kWh
Energy cost per year $11.50 $75.00
(Assumes conversion rate of 0.43 kg CO2 per kWh)
*includes ballast

About GE Lighting

GE Lighting operates by a vision to lead a global lighting revolution to deliver innovative solutions that change the way people light, and think about, their world.

About Janmar Lighting

Since 1969, Janmar Lighting has built a reputation as an industry leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions. The company has an extensive selection of more than 600 product designs that offer improved quality, light output, longevity and aesthetics.

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GE Lighting
ConstantColor® CMH®

Offers background information and includes wattage, lumens, CRI and average life data.

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20W 39W

GE UltraMax™ Ballasts
Provides up to 70% energy savings and 2-4 times the life of standard halogen technology.

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Janmar Lighting 738CMH
Contains fixture dimensions, lens and filter options, photometric chart and more.

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"You get more light with
less wattage per fixture."
Frank Culhane
Building Manager, Tacoma Art Museum


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